Valkyrie Crusade & Moodie Foodie

Valkyrie Crusade is a game that I have been playing long time (rare thing) … Recently Nubee, The company that made it, release Moodie Foodie, a new “Puzzle-RPG game” about food and break things aligning them and of course… Elements… A very original idea.

Moodie Foodie - Main Screen
Moodie Foodie – Main Screen

Recently Nubee made a kind of Crossover between two games, in Valkyrie Crusade you can obtain a Fire SR Card called “Queen Momo” that is the main character from Moodie Foodie (see the Main Screen image above) in a special area of event map.

Queen Momo - Valkyrie Crusade
Queen Momo – Valkyrie Crusade

Meanwhile, if you install and play Moodie Foodie, you will obtain a second copy, and you can get de HSR version of Queen Momo.

Queen Momo HSR - Valkyrie Crusade
Queen Momo HSR – Valkyrie Crusade

But the thing I liked… In Moodie Foodie you can get a “Priestess Oracle” the MF version of Oracle the main character of Valkyrie Crusade.

Priestess oracle from Valkyrie Crusade
Priestess oracle from Valkyrie Crusade

I really liked the character art, she never looked better xD

And obviously I had to have her in my party 😀


So… Here are all of them, Queen Momo, Oracle, Waitress Harmmie, etc. waiting for battles (or some food) in the castle lobby 😛

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